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The Jam Experience

"Experience Team Harmony with Happy Hour Guitar Jam at NYC Guitar School! Unwind and strengthen team bonds through our all-inclusive guitar jam event, founded by Eliane Delage. All levels of guitar enthusiasts are welcome to join us for a fun and social evening of music."

Guitar Set
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Team Harmony

"Elevate Team Harmony with a Company-Sponsored Event!


Your company generously covers the $35 per person cost for each 2.5-hour session. Participation is hassle-free, with employees simply billing the company after the event. This streamlined process seamlessly integrates with your team building and wellness initiatives, nurturing creativity and camaraderie among your dedicated staff.

Investing in your employees' musical journey enhances both their personal and professional growth, while strengthening the company's team spirit. We're excited to orchestrate an unforgettable Happy Hour Guitar experience for your team."

Employee Benefits

"Unlock the Rhythm of Savings for Your Team: Join the Happy Hour Guitar Jam at a 10% Discount of $35 per Person for a 2.5-Hour Session.


Your employees can choose to pay for their attendance directly. This initiative not only enriches your team's wellness and team-building endeavors but also demonstrates our commitment to their well-being.


As part of this exclusive offer, the company will prominently feature Happy Hour Guitar in its newsletter and include it in the list of employee benefits, all at a discounted rate. By extending this opportunity, you're nurturing personal and professional growth while fostering stronger team bonds.

We're thrilled to play a part in your journey towards a harmonious and melodious workplace."

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Private Parties

Your company can reserve a date for your employees, ensuring a private and memorable experience. This unique event is a fantastic addition to your team building efforts and wellness programs.


Pricing remains at $35 per person for a 2.5-hour session, and all equipment is provided.

A minimum party of 8 is required.

By offering an exclusive company event, you'll create a space for your employees to bond, relax, and explore their musical talents together. We are eager to customize this experience to meet your company's specific needs and expectations.

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We will bring the jam to you

We are pleased to introduce an innovative opportunity for your employees – an on-site Happy Hour Guitar Jam event, brought directly to your company's conference room. This program allows your team to bond and enjoy music together without leaving your office premises.

For a flat fee of $550 cost, our team will bring all necessary equipment and facilitate a 2-hour Happy Hour Guitar Jam at your convenience. This initiative not only promotes team building but also ensures minimal disruption to your team's workday.

By hosting an on-site event, you'll create a convenient and memorable experience for your employees. We are excited to coordinate an event that harmonizes your work environment and enhances employee well-being.

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