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I started EDGE (Eliane Delage Guitar Ensemble in 2013, an all-inclusive group of guitar players of all background and skill levels. I wanted to provide a platform where musicians can learn, grow, and feel confident within a positive environment,  and since then it has served as a welcoming hub for hundreds of musicians including guest singers, saxophonists, drummers, ukulele players… and of course, guitarists and bassists!


EDGE performs seasonally at awesome NYC venues.  

Guitar players of ALL LEVELS are welcome.  Yes, you can join if you're a total beginner!


You only need to have a basic knowledge of guitar, even if you know just a few chords, you can totally join!)

Bass players, Ukulele Players and Singers are welcome.

For dates, info and sign up got to: 


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Happy Hour Guitar

In 2011 I started Happy Hour Guitar as a way to provide my students a place  to practice guitar in a fun and effective environment. Many years later I still get amazing reactions  from newcomers and loyal support from veteran jammers,  it's a wonderful blend of guitar lovers jamming together!

You'll love to join if

  • You are a busy professional that wants to play

       guitar after work.

  • A beginner student working on chords and

       strum patterns.

  • An intermediate or advanced player who wants to

       try out lead and soloing.

Things to know:

  • It happens at NYC Guitar School on Friday evenings

  • Happy Hour Guitar is BYOB Jam, but we also have complimentary wine :)

  • Guitars are provided

For more info and RSVP:


Happy Hour Guitar in NYC


Guitar Technique That Will Make You Cry  is based on how hard I used to practice individual drills to perfection, I practiced them to my breaking point where I felt like crying but wouldn't give up 'til I got them right! This workshop focuses on essential guitar techniques that any player of any style should master;  Sliding, Hammer Ons, Pull Offs, Finger Training Warm Ups, Bending, Sequences, Harmonics, Tapping, etc.

Acoustic Blues Series is a workshop based on the Pentatonic scale and all different was to practice them, it covers the 5 boxes and unique licks for each one of them as well as a group jam where you have the chance to use them right away. This workshop will give you the tools to improvise and play licks with confidence,

These workshops usually run weekly in Midtown, NYC. Basic knowledge of guitar is required, beginners welcome.

To check the dates and RSVP go to:


Private Lessons



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I want to work with you!  


I am accepting new students that are committed to weekly lessons, contact me to get an evaluation to find out where you are and get clear about your goals.