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I started EDGE (Eliane Delage Guitar Ensemble in 2013, an all-inclusive group of guitar players of all background and skill levels. I wanted to provide a platform where musicians can learn, grow, and feel confident within a positive environment,  and since then it has served as a welcoming hub for hundreds of musicians including guest singers, saxophonists, drummers, ukulele players… and of course, guitarists and bassists!


EDGE performed 3 big shows a year at  NYC venues.

During the pandemic EDGE held workshops, virtual ensembles and weekly open mics on zoom having guitar players from all around the country play together from the comfort of their living room.

Bass players, Ukulele Players and Singers are welcome.

For current events, workshops, open mics and local blues jam go to:

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Private Lessons

I want to work with you!  


I am accepting new students on zoom for weekly lessons, contact me to get an evaluation to find out where you are and get clear about your goals.

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