Eliane Delage is a music coach and guitarist based in NYC who has taught hundreds of students, and coached a multitude of bands and ensembles.


"My students have been a variety of professionals in NYC, lawyers, financial analysts, entrepreneurs, academics, doctors, CEOs, marketing people, Army, Air Force and Marine vets, software engineers, people who work at Google, you name it!  Music is their hobby and my main impact is to help them believe they can do it well, meaning play better, and to bring their confidence up, in many cases they never played with other people before, and when they do there’s huge transformation of peer to peer motivation and support, it’s so amazing to witness it every time and I feel lucky that I created an environment where they can express through an instrument and tap into their rockstar dream even if just after work or on the weekends."

She is the founder and creator of EDGE (Eliane Delage Guitar Ensemble), an all-inclusive, multilevel guitar ensemble and community, and Happy Hour Guitar, a guided jam that welcomes busy professionals to play guitar together in a fun and supportive environment.

Originally from São Paulo, Brasil, Eliane began her studies at age of 10 and started playing and teaching professionally at 17.

Eliane also holds a teaching position at NYC Guitar School since 2008, where she has directed Summer Camp, Adult Rock Band and Kids and Teens programs, she was featured in the Daily News as one of “NY’s Guitar Heroes” in 2009. In addition to being an accomplished guitarist (Guitar Institute of Technology (I,G&T), São Paulo, Brasil, (1989), Eliane is also a composer and sound engineer (Musician's Institute (MI) Hollywood, CA., 2003), having written, produced and released three full length albums available on iTunes; “Christmas on Brazilian Guitar” (2015), "Hot Tea?” (2016) and “Butterflies in the Winds of Change”, under "Delage" (2017).


"In the years I have been fooling around with the guitar, I've never been actually driven to play. Now I find my fingers itching to get my hands on my guitar. I can't wait till Saturday when I get to be with my group, because I feel right at home." Jessica


—  Jessica Randell, Director of Programs at Serious Fun After School, Inc.

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